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Certificate TR TS 020 "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means". Certificate TR TC 004 "Low-voltage equipment". Certification in PJSC Rosseti.

 Certificate TR TS 010 Machinery and equipment

Certificate TR TS 012 Equipment of explosive places

Certificate TR TS 032 High Pressure equipment

 EMC is used to regulate the release and operation of equipment that will be used on the territory of the member countries of the Customs Union. 

It is used for products that will be sold on the territory of the Customs Union. The equipment must meet the following requirements:

• electromagnetic interference during operation should not exceed the level necessary for the normal functioning of other technical means;

• the equipment must be resistant to interference while maintaining its functionality;

• technical means are safe for the surrounding people and animals, nature.

The list of equipment that is subject to certification 020 includes:

• household appliances (you can check the exact list with our specialists);

• computers and other electronic computing machines;

• auxiliary technical means, including scanners, printers, multimedia equipment;

• electric musical instruments and others.

The regulations do not apply to such types of equipment:

• parts and other products that do not have independent use (used only as parts);

• devices that do not cause interference, functioning even under the condition of electromagnetic interference.

The Russian Federation and other member States of the Eurasian Customs Union are currently working on the unification of certification requirements. To achieve this goal, countries are developing uniform regulatory documents that establish criteria for the quality and safety of certain types of goods. At the moment, there are more than forty regulations in force.

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The authorized bodies were among the first to develop and adopt a number of standards necessary to ensure the protection of public health and safety in industry. The most important document in this area was TR CU 020/2011, according to which certificates for HVO (low-voltage equipment) are issued. This regulation came into effect in February 2013.

SS and DS TR TS HBO EMS: decryption
SS and DS TR TS HBO EMS: decryption
Registration of documents
The application of TR CU 020/2011 implies the use of a number of special terms. For the convenience of their application, professionals use abbreviations. This allows you to reduce the time for processing documents and increase work efficiency. Among the most common abbreviations are:

DS – a declaration attesting to the existence of compliance with current regulations;
CC – certificate of conformity;
EMC – electromagnetic compatibility;
BMIO – safety of machinery and equipment;
HBO – low-voltage equipment and equipment;
TR CU – technical regulations of the Customs Union.
Registration of documents
The rules of TR CU 020/2011 apply to most types of products that are capable of generating electromagnetic and other interference during operation. The following items are an exception:

elements that are used exclusively as parts of the equipment;
devices that are passive in the sense of electromagnetic compatibility;
other products not included in the list subject to quality control in the Vehicle.

The quality control procedure for technical regulations for low-voltage equipment assumes that the evaluation of product characteristics can be carried out in two main forms. Certification of the main types of products is carried out, the declaration is issued for the devices listed in Appendix No. 3 to the regulatory document under consideration. For information about compliance with current requirements. Products that have passed the test receive a special marking. Information about its availability is indicated in the operational documentation.