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EMC - electromagnetic compatibility (EMC - electromagnetic compatibility)

EMS is the science of the origin of interference that destroys radio electronics

EMS is the science of over-voltage in the network

EMS is the science of power surges

EMC is the basis for designing radio electronic products

EMC is the science of designing reliable devices with a service life of 10-25 years

EMC is a property of radio electronics to work stably under interference conditions

EMC is the influence of 2 or more devices on each other by electromagnetic radiation

EMC is the electrical safety of people when using radio electronics

EMC is the standardization of electronic devices for harmful radiation

EMS is an Ecology of harmful radiation from electronic devices

EMS is a "time machine" when 10 years of work in real conditions are emitted in 1 hour of testing

EMC is the certification of electronic devices

EMC is a section of the Customs Union Certificate TR CU 020 "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means"

EMS is a section of the Customs Union Certificate TR CU 004 "Low voltage equipment"