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In this course, you will learn how to design a radio-electronic device so that it passes EMC tests the first time. 

The course reveals the secrets of the practical application of knowledge gained by engineers over 20 years, specialists conducted more than 10,000 experiments in EMC laboratories and developed a unique author's technique from Trushanin Evgeny Nikolaevich to combat interference and radiation from the product.

The course describes in detail ready-made schemes for combating EMC interference, which work 100% and have been repeatedly tested in the laboratory.

In the course, the principles of building protection and shielding of products from increased radiation are written in an accessible language, it is explained on the fingers how to ensure 100% of the EMC requirements without increasing the cost of the product.


Free EMS courses

History of EMC (EMC - electromagnetic compatibility)

Geometric compatibility

Mechanical compatibility

Climate compatibility

Electrical compatibility

Electromagnetic compatibility

What types of voltage jumps are there


The problem solved by standardization

The problem solved by the EMC tests

Engineering positions


The physical meaning of "earth" in electronics

Purpose of grounding

The equivalent of grounding in electrical circuits from the point of view of Ohm's law

The history of the erroneous interpretation of "earth"

Color marking of wires

Gross violations in the design of electrical circuit diagrams using grounding

Proper understanding of the processes of the electrical circuit with grounding

What is protective grounding for?

Functional grounding what is it?

Protective and functional grounding what is the fundamental difference?

Is it possible not to use grounding? In what cases?

Electrical safety

The value of the current that a person feels is 1-100mA

The important role of electrical safety in saving people's lives

Insulation resistance

Insulation strength

Galvanic isolation what is it?

Galvanic isolation for what is needed in electronics

Several independent galvanic groups of inputs and outputs in the devices

The need to complicate products for electrical safety

Influence of insulation resistance and strength on EMC

GOST standards for electrical safety

Electrical safety test how to do

Electromagnetic compatibility in IEC

The concept of electrical installation from the point of view of the PUE

Classification of lines according to EMC GOST 6.5.

Classification of lines, ports by the level of interference on the product

Types of interference - voltage surges, voltage surges existing in nature

Standardization of interference prescribed in GOST

The division of interference into groups according to their origins

Interference of huge energy, voltage and current

Microseconds (lightning) described in GOST 4.5.

Nanoseconds (starter)

Traveling wave (vacuum switch)

Ringing wave (interference mix)

Electrostatic discharge (sweater)

Magnetic fields

Industrial frequency magnetic field

The magnetic field is pulsed 

The magnetic field is oscillatory attenuating

Power supply dips, frequency change

Short-term power failures

Power supply voltage interruptions 

Changing the network frequency

Harmonics and flicker 

Radio frequency interference "applied to wires"

Conductive interference

RF interference to the power port

Radio frequency interference "supplied by the antenna"

resistance to radio emission 30-1000 MHz 22 GOST

Measurement of radio emission from the product 22gost

Laboratory for EMC testing
What kind of labs are there on EMS

How much does it cost to build a laboratory on EMS

Equipment used in testing

Advanced course on EMS
tariff GOLD (pay)

The relationship between insulation strength and EMC practical experience

EMC between separate internal functional units

Power surges protection

Power surge how to fight 

Surge protection

Surge protection

designing a complete product combined by an electromagnetic field

How to design nanosecond protection

16. How to design Microsecond protection

17. How to protect the circuit from static discharges

18. How to ensure the insulation strength of 2kV in a miniature circuit

3D view of the product as an electrical circuit, 3-dimensional representation of the electrical circuit, printed circuit board and the design of the product body

Shielding of products from EMC interference

Shielding of individual blocks of products from EMC radiation

HPRP has increased emissions how to solve the problem with EMC 


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